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2018 Medical Manager of the Year

Nominations open March 1 - March 31st

This is your opportunity to nominate an outstanding manager to be recognized at a national level and represent our industry.

Good leadership drives action, improves performance and gets results. Good leaders have the ability to influence and motivate others. They have the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.

Do you know individuals who demonstrate excellence in medical office management and a strong commitment to improving their communities? Nominate a prominent professional today for PAHCOM's prestigious Medical Manager of the Year award!

How do I nominate someone?

Nominate a candidate by completing the nomination form here.

Who can nominate a candidate?

The nomination may be submitted by anyone who is aware of a CMM deserving the recognition. Fellow PAHCOM Members, practice staff or providers, other professional colleagues, etc. Members of PAHCOM will be asked to log in. Non-members may set up an account for free so their nominations can be accepted.

What is the Eligibility for this Award?

  • Must be an active PAHCOM Member in good standing
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years as a National Member
  • Must be a Certified Medical Manager (CMM)
  • National Advisory Board (NAB) members cannot nominate nor be nominated

When are the nominations due?

Nominations must be submitted by March 31, 2018

Submit a nomination now.

Who is the selection committee?

The selection committee is comprised of the PAHCOM National Advisory Board (NAB).

How are nominees scored?

Strength of nomination letter(s) – maximum 10 points

Nominees submit a nomination acceptance package. Each item submitted is scored according to the following schedule:

  • Local level involvement – maximum 10 points
  • National level involvement – maximum 5 points
  • Contributions/Accomplishments – maximum 20 points
  • Years in healthcare – 1 pt per yr – maximum 5 points
  • Years as office manager - 1 point per year first 5 years – 1 additional point each 5 year interval
  • Years as a PAHCOM member – 1 point per year – maximum 10 points
  • Resume – emphasis on formal and continuing education – maximum 5 points
  • Community involvement, awards, honors – maximum 10 points
  • Essay – Most important contribution to healthcare – maximum 10 points


Print this QR code to give to others who want to make a nomination. It's for easy access to the nomination form on your tablet or smart phone!


Thank you for helping us recognize leaders in our professional community!


Nominate a MMOTY mmoty-award

Medical Managers of the Year 1991 - 2017

2017 Kathryn Eiler, CMM, HITCM-PP
2016 Pam Lewis CMM HITCM-PP
2015 Dedra Dyer, CMM
2014 Margie Warnock, CMM
2013 Sarah Holmes, CMM
2012 Gail Eminhizer, CMM
2011 Stephen Johanns, CMM
2010 Jill Venskytis, CMM
2009 Janet Burch, CMM
2008 Joan Rissmiller, CMM
2007 Rebecca Kronauge, CMM
2006 Cynthia Penkala, CMM
2005 Debbie Emmons, CMM
2004 Teri Arseneau, CMM
2003 Karen Schell, CMM
2002 Paul Henderson, CMM
2001 Diana Brijbag, CMM
2000 Colleen Burgess, CMM
1999 Frieda Robertson, CMM
1998 Carol Aiken, CMM
1997 Ruth Thibeault
1996 Kim Kruger, CMM
1995 Shirlyan Hurt, CMM
1994 Pamela Payne, CMM
1993 Janet McDiarmid, CMM
1992 Ramona Coyle
1991 Jeanette Dufour