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conference hall photoShare your value message with Medical Office Managers and Practice Administrators across the United States! PAHCOM members are the decision makers for physician practices nation wide. Help us facilitate their success by providing quality resources via this corporate member program and use of other resource sharing programs including our bi-monthly Journal, annual conference education and networking, e-notes (emails to members), the PAHCOM member library, local chapters, etc.

Included with your Corporate Member dues

Cobranded webpage on the PAHCOM website

Corporate Directory screen shot

This is your podium to PAHCOM members as well as other industry members as your cobranded page is public. All links from your other campaigns on our site will direct members to this page. From here we direct members to your home page by default but you may use this forum to promote PAHCOM specific campaigns, list specials, rate-sheets, video testimonials, etc.

There is no limit to content on this page. See the Corporate Directory for examples of how corporate members are utilizing this tool to promote their value to PAHCOM Managers. NueMD has done a fantastic job of utilizing this benefit to promote their value to medical practices!

Once your account is activated, you may use this link to access your page and update it at your leisure. You have complete control to modify your PAHCOM Directory page so that it coordinates with your campaigns. Update it daily if you like.

Webinar Promotion

We have an initiative to make more webinar training available to our membership. We will promote your quality educational webinar training when it is at no cost to PAHCOM Members. The training must have educational substance (not just a sales pitch). Promotion of your webinar will be via the PAHCOM Education Calendar and the Homepage News Feed.

Mail Campaigns

Once a quarter, corporate members may send bulk postal mail campaigns to the PAHCOM Membership. Materials must carry the PAHCOM logo and be pre-approved by the PAHCOM national office.

Member Library content may be submitted by c-members

These are manuals, forms, policies, and other written resource tools provided at no fee to our membership. C-members with subject matter expertise may review and update, replace, or otherwise submit resources to the Library. This demonstrates your commitment to the membership and credits your company with the contribution by listing your company name along with the resource.

Homepage News Feed

You are invited to make announcements on our homepage news feed once monthly.

See the news on the homepage for examples of how this displays.

Journal Articles

May be submitted by c-members for the purpose of educating our general membership on your subject matter expertise. These are opportunities to showcase your value to our members but has to be educational vs. an advertisement. See our advertising Rate-Card for deadlines to submit articles for The PAHCOM Journal. Log into the Member Tools and look at previous issues to see how other Corporate Members have communicated their subject matter expertise to the general membership via this benefit.

We do offer direct advertisements in our Journal and c-members enjoy discounted rates.

Featured Corporate Member slot on our website

See our homepage and the corporate directory page for the featured c-member slot. This is exclusive to c-members and is awarded based on the c-member's current appeal to the general membership. C-members who have launched recent PAHCOM specific campaigns or recently submitted quality articles for the Journal are rotated through this space which contains a hyperlink to the c-member's cobranded page on our site.

Access to our online Member Search tool

Search members by name, city, state, chapter affiliation, or practice specialty. Limited information is provided for every member. Corporate Members are encouraged to use this tool to identify concentrations of specialties, chapter affiliations, and geographic regions of our membership. Many also use this tool to verify membership status when awarding discounts based on membership. Unsolicited contact is not authorized.

Corporate membership dues are $1000 annually

Our corporate membership package is robust and effective. All of our programs have one common purpose; to serve the PAHCOM membership through education and networking. "PAHCOM Shares Knowledge" is our motto and we've been key players in the professional development of medical managers since 1988. We offer much more than other associations in terms of corporate involvement with the general membership and we facilitate mutually beneficial professional relationships. Corporate members have a significant role in the overall success of our association through access to information and tools necessary to professionally manage member practices, improve organizational effectiveness, and ultimately increase profitability.