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Online Courses and Exam Prep for Inpatient, Outpatient and Physician Based Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Medical Auditing and Risk Adjustment

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Certification Coaching Organization,LLC (CCO) is owned and managed by Laureen Jandroep, BSOT, CPC, CPC-I, COC, CMSCS, CHCI, CPPM, CDEO, CPMA, CPB, CEMC who is also the founder and CEO. The mission of CCO is to help new and seasoned medical coders, billers, auditors, risk adjusters, and practice managers with their certification education – first to get certified and then to maintain certification.

This is done via articles, videos and practice questions many of which are freely available through out the site. Some are paid products like our popular CPC Review Blitz and CEU On Demand Classes and Physician Based Coding Course. We have a new discussion board where aspiring coders can ask their questions about getting certified and one where certified coders can network and assist each other.

PAHCOM Member Discounts

PAHCOM Members receive 20% Off all the Courses, Review Blitzes and Practice Exam products listed below. Please contact our Help Desk to request your special PAHCOM link. We also offer many free PAHCOM CEU opportunities on the PAHCOM Calendar.

List of Full Online Courses

Our full courses are true alternatives to costly local schools. They provide a complete education of all core concepts without any “fluff” or filler. Plus, unlike local schools, these 80-hour equivalent online classes can be replayed and viewed from any internet enabled device so you truly learn the material. In the event you need assistance or guidance, we include email support with a certified CCO Instructor. Here are the courses we’re currently offering:

List of Online Review Blitzes for Exam Preparation

Our Review Blitzes are the perfect way to review, refresh and refine your skills. These Blitzes are for students that have already taken a full course and require an update before taking their respective AAPC exam. They provide a quick refresher of essential knowledge required for the exams without any “fluff” or filler. The Blitzes are available online and can be replayed and viewed from any internet enabled device so you truly learn the material. In the event you need assistance, we include basic email support from one of our certified CCO Instructors. Here are the Review Blites we’re currently offering:

List of Online Practice Exams

Our practice exams were created by the Certified Instructors at CCO to help students test their exam proficiency for various AAPC credentials. All practice exams are available online and include printable versions and complete answers with rationale. Here are the practice exams we’re currently offering:

Continuing Education Units

Maintaining certification is of the utmost importance. That why our CCO Club has 75+ CEUs available to help you meet your CEU credit requirements.

All our courses were created by certified Instructions and are conveniently available online.

Upon completion of the final exam, all students can instantly download their certificate of completion.

Free Tools, Resources and Job Aids

Student Success Stories

Jan 28, 2017
"After spending the better part of six weeks researching the best way to pass the CPC
, I stumbled on to the CCO website. I was intrigued by the amount of education that you were getting for your money vs. other programs. I decided that my search was over and I am so glad that I went with the CCO programs. The level of education far surpassed any and all of my expectations. The access to lectures, advice on note taking in your manuals, and tips for passing the CPC on the first try appeal to all learning styles and are worth every penny!When I went to take my exam (for the 1st time!)I was surrounded by people who were taking it for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th time. All of them were nervously flipping through their manuals , visibly exasperated. I was able to take my seat and calmly make my way through the exam with a level of confidence that, i could tell, no one else in the room had.Thanks to the guidance from everyone at CCO, and some pretty hard work on my part, I passed my CPC exam on the first try!"

-Emily Rice

Jan 28, 2017
Best course out there. I would not have passed the COC or CPMA if it had not been for Laureen's courses that I took. She is a genius instructor and brilliant in how she breaks down to common sense understanding.Hope you would consider doing an instructor training course. That is where I am headed.Thanks so much!
-Kelly Ediers

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