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Papaya Payments


Papaya Payments can save your practice time and money with zero setup! With the Papaya app, patients pay simply by taking a picture of their bill and we do the rest. Instead of taking payments over the phone, you receive payment through Papaya's secure and HIPAA-compliant web portal at your convenience. Papaya users pay faster and have a better experience. For a limited time, Papaya is FREE to PAHCOM members and associates.  

Our mission is to make it easy for doctors to receive payments. Patients can make payments at any time and day of the week.
  Zero Setup
Practices can start receiving electronic payments in seconds at no cost.
  Secure and compliant
Papaya is HIPAA and PCI compliant. All data is secured on HIPAA-compliant servers and medical information is only accessible to providers.
  Save time and money
Process payments at any time using Papaya’s secure bill portal, freeing up staff from phone calls and dealing with mail. Papaya keeps all your payments organized and alerts patients when their bill has been paid.

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